Benefits of Silicon Bake Ware and Pot Holders

An article on the hand woven pot holder and bake ware it supports. Includes videos showing how to get accustomed to a basic potholder loom kit, potholder loops and lace edged variations, and other pot holder loom details:

By Sergey Brinchok

Silicon is a polymer that includes silicon together with carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sometimes other chemical elements. As a low taint material, silicon can be used where food storage is required. It has become an important artifact in the cooking industry, particularly in bake ware, pot holders and oven mitts. In the recent years, silicon products have become immensely popular in kitchens all over the world and are now sold at every other store selling kitchen products. But, one may ask, what is so attracting in this polymer? Why should one throw their expensive cookware and lovely pot holders to replace them with silicon? Here, in this article, we are looking forward to answer these questions.

Cookware made of silicon provides the even distribution of heat throughout the surface which allows the food to be cooked/baked thoroughly without burning the top or bottom sides. It is completely non-stick and thus, there is no need for cooking sprays, flouring or muffin cups. Once a silicon bake ware is removed from the oven, it cools down very quickly and reduces the over-cooking of food.

Silicon utensils are very durable as they do not break, stain, rust or get dented on falling. Also, they cut down on the time used up for cleaning as food does not stick to the surface, making the dish-washing easy and quick. Silicon cookware is also a preference because it needs no special place to be kept as it is collapsible.

Coming to pot holders, silicon is also a great material for them. Silicon holders are much more manageable than those made of cloth. They can be used for gripping very small edges and handles as well. Silicon ones are a new generation of the product having many more qualities than the conventional quilted ones. They provide superb heat resistance and are waterproof, stain proof, and non-porous. They can be washed very easily without any need of harsh scrubbing.

These are unique because they are made from injection-molded food-grade silicon which has a rubbery feel and provides better grip. At first, they may appear more useful in a garage than in your kitchen but they’d gradually become your best friends. They can withstand temperatures up to 500 degree Fahrenheit or 260 degree Celsius and thus, won’t get hot even while moving pots on stove. Silicon pot holders even withstand scorching steam and so, they are ideal for removing pressure cookers and boiling water without any risk to hands.

If a very hot utensil has to be kept on your kitchen desk, don’t worry and just keep the silicon pot holder beneath it. It would easily protect the wood from heating and safeguard its texture. Hence, silicon pot holders make for the best one can find. These pot holders made from Silicon come in various shapes and sizes, and in just about every color. The cookware too is widely available in different sizes for the convenience of every household. Though the product is a little expensive in comparison to the conventional utensils available in the markets or those made at home, it provides huge benefits which are quite cheap for the cost.

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